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Hey all!

My name is Eric Haverkamp, user name Crimson Wolf!

As of the year 2008 i am 16.  I am into video games, drawing, reading, and just about anything else that can fall into the fantasy/scifi adventure category.  I also do some game programing and hope to put it on my other website  Also I am a strong Christian.  So if you arn't a Christian and would prefer me not to talk about my religion, too bad i will and i will most like ignore your complaints.

I am also in a couple of groups for fun.  One of them is The Transformation Story Archive.  For those of you who don't know and have trouble with words like transformation, it is a group that writes stories and the like about physical changes generally of people into something else. For my friends in the TSA i will explain myself better at the end of the page.

I am also in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  For those of you who don't know what the word Anachronism means, the SCA is a group of people who like to reenact the medieval period of history.  We can do things like archery, swordsmanship, tailoring, blacksmithing, etc.  Basically if you want to do something from the middle ages you can.  It's a lot like a hard core renaissance festival that lasts all year.

As you might have noticed I,m not a lot like regular teenage boys.  You also might have noticed that I'm proud of that fact.  I'm just that awesome.  Other ways I'm different.  I am writing a fantasy trilogy, very slowly but I am writing it.  Also i am in a trampolining class learning how to do flips on and off a trampoline.  Favorite TV show ever would have to be Stan Lee's Who Wants to Be A Superhero.  I also have an odd fascination with singing along with Bond Movie songs and I hate rap/hip hop.

Here i'm going to list some recommendations.


Eragon trilogy by Christopher Paolini

The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper

The Fire Keeper books by Jane Lindskold

The Drizzt Du'ordan Series by R.A. Salvatore

Video Games:

The Metriod Prime series

Super Smash Bros. series

World of Warcraft

anything else by Blizzard

The legend of Zelda games for N64, and Game Cube/wii

Guitar Hero/Rock band

Now down to TSA business:

My favorite type of changes in order from favorite to least favorite:

1) Human to animal, doesn't matter if mind changes or not.

2) Human to mythological beast or half way to animal, doesn't matter if mind changes or not.

3) Changes just involving animals or mythological creatures.

4) Gender change

5) Just about anything else you can think of

I prefer my changes to be slow and painful.  Fast ones don't seem to have the emotion and i don't feel that they would be worth it without pain.  Also i don't like those realistic ones about months in a hospital slowly changing scientifically.

Favorite reasons for change:

making the punishment fit the crime or  because one deserves having their wish to change granted.

Biggest pet peeves:

Change for no reason

instant change

Over used changes like when all of the myth creatures changes were centaurs and mermaids.

Thanks for your time and you can mail me at



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